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We would like to thank you for your support and commitment over the years to American Westech, Inc. and we are pleased to inform you that American Westech, Inc. has been recently acquired by Microbac Laboratories, Inc., a full service network of analytical testing laboratories.

Microbac is a leader in the testing industry, servicing the laboratory needs of a wide range of companies and businesses. Microbac has established a strong presence in today's marketplace by recognizing and meeting the needs of our current and future customers. For over 40 years, Microbac's approach has focused on meeting customers' needs by initiating our standards of Care, Efficiency, Quality, and Integrity. Microbac is an industry leader by presenting professional and accurate results to customers, while maintaining a personal and friendly relationship.

Throughout the network, Microbac provides numerous certified testing services, including: environmental, food chemistry, food microbiology, microbiology, nutritional labeling, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical/vitamins, antimicrobial efficacy, cosmetics, agrochemical, mechanical, biofuel, and physical/failure testing.

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